My name is Michael. 

I have experienced a huge amount of spiritual growth and overall happiness in my day to day living recently, in a large part to the BBA way!  

I started attending on the recommendation of my sponsor and after my first BBA meeting in 2012 it has become the anchor meeting of my recovery week.  I have also been blessed to share the BBA with a few others who noticed a change in my attitudes and actions, several of them are now BBA regulars.  Wednesday nights in Old Town is something I look forward to- a huge meeting of nearly every age and sobriety bracket including those, like myself, with multiple addictions.  As with my whole experience with recovery in AA, I find our message is from the Big Book, working with a step-guide or sponsor and carrying the message. 

I am in Tristan's workshop with some great men and women working the steps as outlined in the Big Book. 


See you Wednesday

Michael K