My name is Kelly. 

I was around 10 years sober when I almost relapsed.  I heard Tyla speak at a women’s retreat, and I got so inspired, I thought I must do this BBA thing.  Wow, that first meeting was such an eye opener. If you’re a hard core alcoholic/drug addict like me, regular AA won’t do.  I needed concrete direction and a huge physic change like the book talks about.

Soon after that first mtg, I joined a workshop.  I had a huge spiritual awakening by going thru the steps. I found out my irritable, restless and discontent can be treated….with a spiritual solution.  I was able to get unblocked from the Power (God) that I needed to live a happy, useful life.

Today, I work with other women and carry this message like no other.  My life depends on it.

If you're struggling and haven’t gotten any relief from your disease, come to a Big Book Awakening meeting.  It will change your whole recovery, like it did mine.

Kelly E.
(858) 486-4070