When I came to BBA in Feb 2013, I blamed everything and everyone for my failings, chronic excuses, chronic relapses backward into addiction to alcohol and speeds, chronic everything like address changes, relationships, marriages, children, friends, jobs, schools, 12 step meetings, sponsors, sponsees, churches, therapists, fitness centers, self-help books, nothing was working that gave me a reason to live.

I was drowning inside and outside in every way, in desperation of being homeless living in the a motel, I went online and found a sober living ad in Escondido and the first person I spoke to was Tyla.

She asked me some questions and asked me to meet her at a meeting in Carlsbad.
I went, I met her and many others she introduced me to friendly and kind and encouraged me immediately to get a BBA sponsor now, I met with a gentleman that night who had coffee that night.

He gave me some hope and some pages to read and some directions.

I came to the BBA in Old Town, I got a large print big book, big book awakening book, study guide, idiots guide and I was ready for this long reconstruction ahead.
8 months later he helped me go through 8 steps, I got a new BBA sponsor and began to make amends in my 9th step.

9 months later I have gone through the 12 steps the BBA way, taking others now through the 12 steps, I have returned back to God, and my wife and children, and family, made a host of new friends, I have a job and a new car.

My life has taken on new meanings and new attitudes and a new design for living that works with no return to alcohol and dope to treat me.

This BBA works when nothing else did, and now I found a new and deeper relationship with a Power Greater than any God I have ever known before and going through the 12 steps again to go even further.

I encourage those who come to join us on a truly Broad way which is thorough and complete awareness of ones disease through the Big Book Awakening, more is revealed in in the Big Book than any other book I have ever experience.

There is a Fellowship that I crave and that is one not just the Spirit of the Fellowship which are found in the rooms but a Fellowship with Others who have found this relationship through the masterful pages Title Page all the way back to the Appendices.

Darrel G 
(760) 481-4656
Escondido CA