Getting Started

The Big Book Awakening is an in-depth study designed to take you through the 12-steps as outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous so to enable you to have a personal spiritual experience that you can pass on to grow in understanding and effectiveness about AA's main original discover your own truth and to live in the 9th step promises.  The quality of recovery of those who have been through the work displays a true program of attraction rather than promotion, guided by a God of our understanding.  If you want what we have and are willing to go to any lengths to get it, you are ready TO GET STARTED.

Getting started will require that you find someone who has already done the work, to take you through the work either one-on-one -or- enroll in a workshop.



"How do I find someone who has already gone through the work?"  We recommend that you attend a BBA MEETING in your area.  If you do not have a meeting in your area there are people willing to take others through the work over the phone or via Skype.  Check out our CONTACT page for questions.

"What's the difference between going through the work "one-on-one" or through a workshop?"  The workshop concept is designed to take several people through the work at one time.  When BBA first started in San Diego there was (and still is) a flood of people wanting this way of recovery and since the demand is greater than the supply, workshops are an effective and in-depth way to take a group through the work.  Once you are committed to a workshop you will pick a step-partner (not to be confused with a sponsor) that is someone you will be partnered up with who has gone through the work and will guide you through.

"How long does it take to go through all 12 steps?"  It usually takes 5 - 6 months with approximately 2 hours of homework each week.  Workshops meet once a week and are approximately 1 1/2 hours, plus you will need to meet an additional 1 hour, once a week, with your step partner.  If you decide to work 'one-on-one' with someone it's usually about a 2 hour meeting once a week with your sponsor and/or step partner.

"What if I already have a sponsor in AA/NA? Can they take me through the BBA?"  Sure...but only if they've done the BBA step work.  If they have not, then it is recommended that you find a step partner to guide you through the work who understands what they are doing.  You do not have to get rid of your current sponsor, but you do have to find someone who has already done the work to take you through the work. 

"Can my current non-BBA sponsor listen to my 5th step?"  Unfortunately, no.  There are questions that the sponsor or a step partner needs to ask.  Someone who is not familiar with this work is not going to understand how to guide a 5th step if they haven't done it themselves.  We recommend that when you find your BBA step partner and/or sponsor, it is someone you are comfortable with. 

"What if a workshop started several months ago and I want to do a workshop?" You can only start a workshop within the first 3 weeks after it has started.  After 3 weeks, the workshop is closed to new people.  It is really up to you and how desperate you are in need of recovery and if you want to wait for another workshop to start.  We recommend that you don't wait and find someone who can take you through the work, one-on-one.  Many times you can find someone who is willing to start 2-3 people through the work at the same time at their home.  Either way, we can help you find someone who is willing to work with you.

"What if I have a number of years sober...why do I need to go through the steps this way?"  Maybe you don't.  This is a personal issue with how deep and effective your current program is.  Time in the program doesn't mean anything, but the quality of your sobriety is the question you need to ask yourself.  Can you relate to the bedevilments on page 52...sober?  We never claim that BBA is the only way to have a deep and effective spiritual healing through the steps, because it is not the only way.  This is just a way we have found to be more effective than any other way we have gone through the work in the past, or if we are new, to go through the work for the first time.  We are hundreds of men and women with many years of sobriety and many who are new to recovery that have found BBA to be a new way of life with a solution based answer to all our problems.  If you have attended a BBA meeting and like what you hear and want what we have, no matter how much time you have, then this gift is offered to you for free.

If you have a question about BBA that you do not see on this page, please feel free to email me and I will see it gets posted with an answer - Lee Ann Y.

12-Step materials can be found on the TOOLS page