Phone Meeting Instructions

We focus on going through a Step or portion of a Step each week. Can't make a meeting? Tuesday night meetings are recorded!

If you are new to telephone meetings it is recommended that you print out a copy of the phone information so that you have it at your fingertips, otherwise the experience may initially be frustrating. Note that it is a different type of experience for members sharing without having an audience they can see. 


Toll call charges or plan minutes may apply when calling into the phone meeting. Contact your phone company if you have any questions regarding incurring costs. 

Sometimes, without much advance warning, teleconference companies change the telephone numbers used to call into the meeting. Please be aware that this is an infrequent occurrence. Usually when this happens there will be a message providing you with the new phone number. The access code generally remains the same.

Calling in

Disable Call Waiting

Before joining the meeting, it is best if you temporarily disable your call waiting feature if you have one on your phone. Press *70 before dialing the phone meeting number. (For example: *70-1-641-715-3272) The reason why this is important is that if you receive a phone call during the meeting and you are unmuted we may all hear your phone conversation and it can be embarrassing because you do not know that we are listening. Other problems can arise too such as the phone not properly hanging up and the meeting hearing a repeated recorded message to please hang up.


Dialing in

If you do not have to disable call waiting, dial the number:

For Sundays:

+1 (515) 604- 9722, Access code 423777#

For Mondays and Tuesdays:

+1 (641) 715-3272, Access code 657867#

Keeping yourself muted is important otherwise everyone can hear your background noise and it can be very disruptive to the meeting. 

You enter the meeting muted. You will hear the leader but the leader cannot hear you. 


To unmute press *6 on your telephone keypad. You will hear a voice telling you that you are unmuted. 

Mute when done sharing

After you finish sharing please press *6 to mute yourself. If you do not hear the voice telling you that you are muted or unmuted, try pressing *6 again. If the muting function is not working, please hang up and call in again. 

Other sharing tips

If you have a mute function key on your telephone keypad we ask that you use the *6 key on your keypad instead. The *6 key ensures the greatest sound strength for the entire phone line. 

It is best if you do not use a speakerphone for sharing. We may not be able to hear you clearly because the sound is too faint or we may hear an echo. Some speakerphones will not mute even when you are pressing your *6 key. Speaker phones even when muted, may cause phone bridge static. This weakens the quality of sound for the entire phone meeting. 

Headsets or earpieces can also provide problems at times. Again we may not be able to hear you clearly because of static or low volume. It best not to use a headset or speakerphone when sharing. 

What to do if you have a problem

If you cannot get into the meeting, you may have Caller ID Block Enabled.  You may need to hang up and call back in entering *82 to disable the "Caller ID Block" and then the phone number. 
(for example: *82-1-641-715-3272)

If you cannot get into the meeting or are getting a busy signal, you may be experiencing a technical difficulty. When dialing into the phone meeting it is not a direct connection. An intermediary link carries the signal to the conferencing provider. Some suggestions to remedy this problem include hanging up and calling an erroneous number like 555-5555 to break the weak signal. Then manually try dialing back in. Manually redialing may bring you in on a different signal. Do not use the redial function on your telephone otherwise the same problem may occur.

Another thing to try is to call back in slowly pushing the number keys. 

If you continue to have difficulty, contact your phone provider and ask them to assist in testing your individual phone line.

general Meeting information

This is an open meeting welcoming all 12-Step groups.  We ask that you only identify yourself and share if you are an alcoholic and/or addict and if you have done the work through the Big Book Awakening process.  This meeting is patterned after the Big Book Awakening crossfire meetings in Southern California and does allow questions and comments related to the specific topic we are discussing.  If you veer off the topic, you will be reminded to stay on topic since we do not have signs that we can hold up for you to see.  This is not done to embarrass you but to maintain the focus of the meeting. 

Recorded Meeting Information

To call the conference playback dial:

For Sundays:

+1 (515) 604- 9662, Access code 423777#

For Tuesdays:

+1 (641) 715-3367, Access code 657867#

Then follow the prompts asking you to press the # (Pound) key for the last meeting or the reference number for previous meetings. 
To fast forward 30 seconds press 2
To rewind 30 seconds press 1
To pause press 5 on your keypad and 5 to resume play

An archive of recorded meetings can be found by clicking here.

Meeting Contact List

If you decide that you would like to be a member of this meeting, you may add your phone number and/or your email address to our contact list. More information regarding the contact list will be shared on the phone meetings.


If you have any questions please email: or contact Ian at (973) 303-7902. For questions regarding the Sunday afternoon meeting, please contact Lee at (270)493-0178.

If you have difficulty getting onto the phone meeting. This is a back-up number that you may use if you have issues connecting to the conference line: (951) 262-7373. When you call the back-up number, the system will prompt you to type in your dial-in number and access code. If you have any additional questions, please contact 1 (877) 482-5838/ +1 (562) 437-1411 for international or local support at extension 2221. There is live customer service 24 hours a day. You can also reach us using Yak Free using your computer and visiting

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